6 Prominent ‘Harlem Renaissance’ Artists And Their Works

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Charting a course roughly post WW1 through to the mid-to-late 1930’s, The Harlem Renaissance was a movement which, above all else, demonstrated the stunning creativity of African-Americans despite the plethora of injustices and prejudices they faced, and in spite of a systemic racism – political, social and structural – that seemed committed to establishing a narrative of inherent racial inferiority/superiority. Indeed the literature, music, paintings, sculptures and photography that emerged from Harlem in these decades are a bold affirmation of life, a resounding challenge to the status quo and a showcase of the spirit, talent and artistry of Black America. 

6 Summer Tunes to ward off Autumn Blues

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Whether you’ve been to a festival in Croatia dancing at sunset on a beach, travelling to exotic places or simply enjoying a few bevvies with the squad post-work, chances are you’ve revelled in the kinder temperatures of last few months. Few things in life are as pleasant as enjoying the rays of the summer sun while listening to apt, soulful and summery tunes; as such, here at the THE6BY6 we thought we’d hit you with a snappy list containing the bangers that have been the soundtrack to our summer. Whether you want to hold on to those summer vibes, make the most of the fleeting September sunshine, or stockpile some jams to keep you going through the cold winter months, we’re sure you’ll find a new favourite in the list below:

6 Songs We’ve Been Listening To This Week

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6 Soulful “Summer” Joints To Help The “Sunshine” Creep In

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6 Songs To Emerge From The Legacy Of The Harlem Renaissance

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6 Classic Stax Tunes!

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6 Of Our Favourite Duets

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6 things happening in london this weekend that you should check out

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