6 Songs We’ve Been Listening To This Week

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The days of late September and early October have seemingly blessed us with , whilst perhaps not an avalanche, certainly a barrage of new albums to get stuck in to. Big tracks from the studio offerings of Solange, Isaiah Rashad and Bon Iver dominate our playlist this week, and for good reason too; the albums are fucking awesome. Have a gander at the eclectic mix of sounds below and see if you dig our selections.

Solange – Cranes in the Sky

Solange’s third studio album, A Seat At The Table, dropped at the end September and we’ve had it on repeat since. It’s been met with widespread critical acclaim and, given its emotive depth and breadth, its mesmerising and meticulous production and its unflinching, artistic portrayal of “the pain and joy of black womanhood”, this comes as no surprise. Cranes is undoubtedly an early standout for us, but we’d urge you to listen to the entirety of the record.

Sean Nicholas Savage – Propaganda

Cult Canadian singer-songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage (who, coincidentally, chimes in with some additional vocals on Solange’s Where Do We Go) has been on our radar for a while now. Though he released  his latest project, Magnificent Fist, in August of this year, we’re still vibing to this ethereal number from his 2015 offering, Other Death.

Isaiah Rashad – (The Suns Tirade)

This joint comes straight from Isaiah Rashad’s debut studio album The Sun’s Tirade. The Tennessee-born rapper signed to TDE a few years back and, after impressing with Cilvia back in 2014, has finally treated us to a proper full-length – stellar features and all.

Solange – Weary

Yeah, we’re really into this album- to the point where we can’t really just pick just one track. Weary– with its creeping bass line, its delicate piano and intriguing synths and, of course, Solange’s mesmerising vocals, is yet another standout for us.

Bon Iver – 33 ‘GOD’

Justin Vernon has returned under the Bon Iver moniker with his new release 22, A Million. Though overall it’s a significant departure (or perhaps evolution) from his earlier albums, beneath the snippets of auto-tune and the glitchy synths that pervade the sonic landscape of the record, lays the same haunting voice, crooning introspective refrains and asking fractured, existential questions. Check out our pick, 33 ‘God’, and dive into this new, experimental style.

Moses Sumney – Plastic

Soul/Folk singer-songwriter Moses Sumney released his EP Lamentable at the beginning of this month and, since hearing it, we’ve been delving deep into his sporadic discography. Lend your ears to this amazing performance of ‘Plastic’ at the Pitchfork music festival, where Sumney demonstrates his breathtaking vocal range with nothing but stripped-down guitar riffs to accompany him.

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