6 Summer Tunes to ward off Autumn Blues

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Whether you’ve been to a festival in Croatia dancing at sunset on a beach, travelling to exotic places or simply enjoying a few bevvies with the squad post-work, chances are you’ve revelled in the kinder temperatures of last few months. Few things in life are as pleasant as enjoying the rays of the summer sun while listening to apt, soulful and summery tunes; as such, here at the THE6BY6 we thought we’d hit you with a snappy list containing the bangers that have been the soundtrack to our summer. Whether you want to hold on to those summer vibes, make the most of the fleeting September sunshine, or stockpile some jams to keep you going through the cold winter months, we’re sure you’ll find a new favourite in the list below:

Mulatu Astatke- Yègellé Tezeta

Composed by the father of Ethio Jazz Mulatu Astatke, this track is probably familiar to most due to it being sampled by Nas and Damian Marley for their track As we Enter. The incredible mixture of African sounds and jazz arrangement make this song the perfect companion for a chill Summer evening. For those that dig, we’d strongly recommend listening to New York- Addis- London –  a collection of Astatke’s work which covers the Ethiopian artist’s early recordings from 1965 to 1970, and which in our humble opinion is an unbelievable album.


Martin L Dumas Jr- Attitude Belief & Determination

This absolute banger of a tune by Martin L Dumas Jr. is shrouded in a certain amount of mystery; there is very limited information about it online and the only available copy of this vinyl is a remastered and edited version from 2015. Though this rarity certainly piques the interest, the soulful, funky vibes that emanate from the record are more than enough to hold the interest, and ensure that you’ll have a new favourite to rinse over the next few months.


Soichi Terada & Manabu Nagayama- Low Tension

Although not as famous as its German or British counterparts, Japanese electronic music has a lot going for it. Amongst its many great producers, few can claim to have been as influential as Soichi  Terada. Despite his relative obscurity, he is man behind the soundtracks of many a popular video game – including the entire Ape Escape series. Kick back with this one and let the contagious and nostalgic energy of the track to you back to the glorious days of the PS2. 


Trio Ternura- A Gira

Released in 1973, this song was originally the A side on a homonymous album, released by the iconic label Polydor. Similar to Martin L Dumas Jr, there is scarce information regarding the Brazilian Trio Ternura, but much like Attitude Belief and Determination this record has, over time, become a must have for all lovers of South American funk and for crate diggers world-wide.

Hunee- Rare Happiness

Released in 2015 on Hunee’s album Hunch Music, this track is the perfect example of the way great sounds of the past can influence modern electronic production. Being predominately a funk and soul DJ, in this track the Amsterdam-based Hunee knowingly employs sounds typical of funk and soul to create the ideal soundtrack for chilled summer sunsets.

Vanilla- Fuji

Built around a range of Soul, Funk, Jazz and Electronic samples, the album this track features on –Origin– captures the distinct atmosphere and feeling of those long summer nights. Unsurprisingly then, we had great difficulty deciding which track to cherry-pick for this article. Following much deliberation and several about-faces , we opted for Fuji. The cerebral mixture of soulful voices, sultry saxophones and tweaked trombones ensure that Fuji is the perfect tune to close out both the last few, precious summer evenings as well as this list.

-James A. Fort

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