6 Pearls Of Wisdom From The World Of Football`

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We love football, but in the age of big business, billion pound TV deals and media-trained players, there’s often not a lot of room for real character. Those who are sick of interviews that contain the usual  ‘There’s still a long way to go’ – ‘It’s disappointing to lose, but we’ll try and win the next one’ or ‘We’re happy with the three points but now we’re just going to focus on the next game’ – We’ve got you covered.
Here are six pearls of wisdom from the footballing world, 6 show-casings of personality, for better of for worse, that bite through the fit-for-tv facade. Enjoy.

Ian Holloway – Doritos and drinks

Ian Holloway, Footballs answer to Confucius, is a player-turned-manager who has been involved with clubs such as QPR, Blackpool, Millwall and Crystal Palace. Also, he’s hilarious…

Jose Mourinho – Homlettes, Heggs

Love him or hate him, Jose Mourinho is one of the most highly rated managers in the game – Which is somewhat surprising considering he never played football at a professional level. Accolades and opinions aside, he’s undoubtedly one of the most Charismatic managers around, as this clip shows.


Looking past his suffocating possession-based football, his cold dead stare and his broken nose, Louis Van Gaal is a man who clamours for admiration. Beneath his steely Dutch exterior, there’s a man who just wants to be loved, who just want’s to hear the fans sing “LOUVAGHABHERME”…

Eric Cantona – Seagulls

He had that certain je ne sais quoi didn’t he? When Cantona wasn’t scoring outrageous chips or dropkicking fans in the face, he was bewildering journalists with his infinitely complex philosophies and mysterious proverbs. Observe:

An Impassioned Trappitoni 

Giovanni Trappatoni, largely regarded as one of the most successful managers to have come out of the Serie A, is undoubtedly an institution. He won the European Cup, the Cup Winners Cup and the Intercontinental cup as both a player and a manager. Watch him lose his shit below, it’s fascinating.

Ian Holloway – Moving house and buying Milk

Here’s another clip of Holloway proving that he is the undoubted master of footballing analogies:

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