6 Songs We’ve Been Listening To This Week

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Our Sunday round-up of the songs we’ve had on repeat during the week. We aim to give you a heads up on some new releases as well as give you a new weekly spot to discover some tunes, old and new, that you might not have come across- we’ll do the legwork for you!

There’s been some pretty big releases this week in the Hip-Hop game, with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Chance The Rapper-affiliated SoX dropping full length releases. Tracks from both of those joints have made it onto our weekly playlist, but we’ve also got you covered with some new, accessible Jazz from Kamasi Washington, some Bossa Nova tracks that are credited with starting the whole movement, and more… Have a listen below:

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment Ft. Chance The Rapper/Erykah Badu) – Rememory 

People have been waiting for Surf to drop for timeee now. The Social Experiment are perhaps best known for being the band that Chance records and tours with, but this new album is perhaps more so crafted by them as it is by Chance. Released a few days ago for the low low price of free, Surf is a refreshingly original album that seems to mix jazz, psych, and hip-hop in one unique and highly listenable concoction. There are also some stellar features from Erykah Badu, J. Cole, Quavo (of Migos Fame) and Busta Rhymes to name but a few. ‘Rememory’ is one of our early standout picks – but be sure to download the rest of the album and find your own favourites.

Benjamin Clementine – Condolences 

Benjamin Clementine was born in Crystal Palace in London, but after a hectic period in his life, he found himself on the streets of France, busking, to make ends meet. Described by some as a Singer, poet, artist and musician all in one, Clementine has a unique way of playing the piano, boasts deep and powerful vocals, and has a commanding presence to boot. Check out ‘Condolences’ below:

Joao Gilberto – Chega de Saudade

A handful of Joao Gilberto tracks have made their way onto our weekly lists before. The hugely influential Brazilian singer-songwriter is celebrated for essentially establishing the ‘new trend’ Bossa Nova music genre in the late 1950’s. Gilberto’s version of Chega de Saudade, from the album of the same name, was the record the cemented Bossa Nova as a permanent genre in Latin American music, but it would also travel around the world and introduce Bossa Nova to different shores. Have a listen below:

 A$AP Rocky – Canal St. 

A$AP’s sophomore studio album At Long Last A$AP finally dropped this week, and it seems to be quite a polarising release – some critics are praising Rocky’s improved lyricism and eclectic sound whilst others say that the album lacks that sense of focus and clarity. A.L.L.A is somewhat of a departure from the previous A$AP Rocky records, and for us, some of the more experimental tracks are a bit hit-and-miss. That being said, there are a few bangers on the record, and Canal St. is definitely one of those…

Bonkaz – We Run The Block

There is a lot of talk about a ‘new generation’ of up and coming UK rappers – Croydon’s Bonkaz is definitely someone to watch out for. Check out his recently released video for ‘We Run The Block’ – a grime/rap banger that definitely proves that the UK is doing bitsss right now.

Kamasi Washington –  Clair De Lune

Kamasi Washington appears to be one of those all around musical geniuses – he plays tenor sax, he’s an extremely educated Jazz musican, he’s a composer, a band leader, and a production editor to top it off. Washington has played with well known and respected Jazz artists, as well as with well known and respected rappers  and hip-hop heavyweights. He came to our attention when we heard him playing sax on numerous tunes in Kendrick Lamar’s recent To Pimp A Butterfly release. Since then Kamasi has released a three hour album suitably entitled ‘The Epic’ – and it’s awesome. Before Kamasi, we found Jazz to be a bit of an intimidating and difficult genre to get in to – if you feel the same, then be sure to check out Kamasi; he might just change your mind.

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