6 Degrees Of (Doomed) Separation V

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The Money Folding, Metal Faced MF DOOM has a vast discography that is as intimidating as it is impressive. It’s Dumile’s lyrical abilities, his eccentric metaphors, and his references and name-drops (both tantalisingly obscure and easily recognised) that have solidified DOOM’s position as a vanguard of the Hip-Hop ‘underground’. Indeed, his discography is so vast, and his references so broad, that we are fairly confident that everything (in one way or another) can be traced back to, or into DOOM’s music. So without further ado, peep the first edition of 6 Degrees of (DOOMED) separation, where we try to prove that we’re all ‘doomed’ ; that everything, and perhaps everyone, is only separated by 6 villainous degrees, and DOOM WILL UNITE US ALL. (Don’t worry, it’s not a cult)


(1) Accordion, the second track on Doom and Madlib’s collaborative joint Madvillainy, contains this Sigmund Freud themed similie towards the end of the track:
“Slip Like Freudian, you’re first and last step to playin’ yaself like Accordion” (1:30 – 1:34)

(2) Amongst Freud’s vast bibliography, one of the standout essays is Leonardo da Vinci, A Memory of His Childhood – a psychoanalytical review of da Vinci’s childhood based on analysis and study of his works.


(3) Rapper Canibus had a leaked mixtape in 2005 entitled The Vitruvian Man, which of course takes it name from one of da Vinci’s most famous sketches.


(4) A large amount of the beats on Canibus’ first album, Can-I-Bus, were produced by Wyclef Jean (including the successful Second Round K.O) 

(5) Wyclef Jean was one part of the much loved and respected Fugees trio – Pras and Lauryn Hill were the other two members

(6) Lauryn Hill features in the Nas song  if i ruled the world… A track that was remixed for the Nastradoomus album (vol.1)

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