Hot Spots: Hammers At Carlsbad

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Welcome to Hot Spots, our new feature that aims to celebrate, archive, and remember some of the biggest, baddest and coolest spots in the Skateboarding world. We’re gonna try to bring you a healthy mixture of immediately recognisable classics, some solid and current spots, as well as hidden gems and up and coming sites – but all of the places we ‘visit’ will hold some rich skateboarding history.


This week, we revisit one of the most iconic spots in the Californian skateboarding landscape; the Carlsbad Gap. Although the gap was destroyed in February of 2012, enough footage has been captured at the high-school gap for it to be one of those spots that is immediately recognisable; though it may be gone, it still lives on in some of the most cherished and respected video parts of all time – from Baker 3, to Alien Workshops Mindfield, to the early Plan B videos.


The trials and obstacles that Carlsbad threw up have been well documented; the sketchy cracks in the pavement, the difficult uphill landing – it’s not just the huge gap itself that you have to conquer, it’s all these other little kinks as well. It’s all these miniature battles that present themselves, coupled with what can now be deemed as a nostalgia for the past, that makes the slams and lands at Carlsbad all the more special. Check out some of our favourite tricks below:

Kris Markovich – Kickflip

A few ollies and 180’s had been going down at Carlsbad in the early 90s, but Kris Markovich upped the ante when he threw down this Kickflip. And apparently it could’ve been Rob Dydrek’s…

Jeremy Wray – Second Hand Smoke Hammers ( Especially the Frontside 360)

Jeremy Wray crushes the Carlsbad spot in his Second Hand Smoke part with a handful of tricks down the intimidating gap. The big frontside flip and the frontside 360 are our personal favourites

Tyler Bledsoe – Bigflip

You can talk a lot about preferred styles of skateboarding, what makes a good part, and all of that Jazz…Bledsoe’s part in the mindfield video just makes us want to go and skate. Peep his perfect bigflip at Carlsbad below:

Every trick that went down at the “Last Times” contest

We were considering selecting one or two big tricks from this send-off competition, but we thought it wouldn’t be right to deprive you of the sheer awesomeness of the contests as a whole – (although we’d suggest that you keep an eye out for one of the sickest double flips ever, and for a gnarly session on the rail.)

Cody McEntire – Nollie Bigspin 

Cody’s hefty Digital Smoke And Mirrors part contains a bagful of bangers, from ridiculous blunt- late-flips, to a huge nollie flip down the Santa Monica Triple Set. It’s his opening line at Carlsbad that sets the tone however. Check it out below:
(peep the whole vid to catch McEntire’s nollie big heel down Carlsbad as well)

Antwuan Dixon – Nollie Heel 

One of the crowning jewels of Dixon’s audacious Baker 3 part is this effortless Nollie Heel. The crack in the pavement on the run up, the lip of the ledge, the uphill landing, none of this shit seems to matter to Twuan as he nonchalantly pops, flips, lands, and rolls away. Allowwwww!

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