6 Pristine Piano Pieces to Help Prolong Your Focus


If you’re anything like us, then you probably find it incredibly difficult to concentrate on a particular task when your listening to songs with lyrics. It can be particularly hard to write that pressing essay, email, article etc. when you’re invested in a track, waiting for that favourite line, or you’re humming, singing, or rapping along – that just happens sometimes.
Over the years we’ve compiled a playlist consisting of multiple songs that are effective in creating an atmosphere that seems to help promote focus and concentration. We thought it would be cool to share 6 of our favourite tracks on the site, and so this article was born. We’re resisting the urge to get even cheesier and call this “YOUR SOUNDTRACK TO SUCCESS” – because after all,  we all know that music, no matter how soothing and spacious it may be, will not stop us from the inevitable failures that await us. (PMA)
Have a listen to the flowing tracks below, and if they don’t help you in your work or your studies, you just might like them anyway.

Photograph – Arcade Fire 

Nanou 2 – Aphex Twin 

La Valse D’Amelie – Yann Tiersen 

Gymnopedies (no.1) – Pascal Rogé

Andare – Ludovico Einaudi

Peer Pressure – Jon Brion

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