Tyler, The Auteur: 6 Examples Of Tyler, The Creator’s Directorial Dexterity

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Odd Future Captain, ALL CAPS MASTER, hip-hop pioneer, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, burgeoning designer… Tyler, The Creator’s numerous talents and achievements form an impressive and ever-growing resume. The controversy Tyler and his cohorts are often embroiled in can make it a little harder to appreciate all the talent that is resident in the OFWGKTA camp, but their continuing visual and musical presence makes them near impossible to ignore.

Tyler, The Creator – VCR

This sustained relevance is on show again as Tyler has just dropped his fourth studio album Cherry Bomb. It’s been a relatively low-key release, much in line with Earl and Kendrick Lamar’s recent outings, although the former did tear into his record company for fucking up the drop. Regardless of a significantly reduced ‘build up’ and hype, Cherry Bomb has been met with expected levels of fanfare and excitement. Tyler’s album is available to stream and purchase online now, but those who are after a physical copy will have to wait till the 28th of April – though you will have five different album covers to chose from, all of which showcase a familiar Odd Future aesthetic.

Tyler, The Creator (Ft. Frank Ocean) – She

The album release was announced alongside the launch of the ‘Golf media’ app, which showcases original content, live streaming, radio, interactive segments, and ‘unrestricted access’ to Tyler’s brain. Those who pre-ordered the album were also given access to two of its singles, ‘Deathcamp’ and ‘Fucking Young/Perfect’. A new album also means new music videos, and indeed Tyler did not disappoint in his visual outing for Fucking Young/Perfect + Deathcamp.

Tyler, The Creator – Fucking Young/Perfect (Deathcamp)


Tyler is steadily building an impressive portfolio of direction credits. His music videos can often be goofy and humorous, and are accompanied by bright colour palettes, zany effects and a don’t-give-a-shit attitude. Tyler is equally adept at creating darker atmospheres however, and these darker outings are markedly more disturbing and grotesque, but they are underpinned by the same commitment to originality and by an admirable indifference to conventions, rules, and popular opinion.

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

Tyler does not reserve his directorial capabilities for his own videos and releases however. Often, Odd Future members and affiliates will enlist Tyler’s capabilities in the production of their own music videos. Collaborations between Odd Future artists will also usually result in a Tyler-produced music video that showcases a distinctive and inimitable style, and an infectious, reckless abandon.

Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Tyler, The Creator – Rella


The versatile 24 year old has also directed music videos for Trash Talk, who recently signed to Odd Future’s own emerging record label, and D.A., the solo artist currently signed to Harvest Records. Tyler’s video for D.A.’s song, Glowing, demonstrated a directorial versatility by highlighting his ability to present more sober and weighty ideas, whilst still retaining that element of youthfulness and eccentricity that marks his pieces as refreshing and original.

D.A. – Glowing

We’re sure that Tyler and his brain will continue to be crystallised and distilled into various creative outlets. Time is still firmly on his side, and it’s easy to argue that  that the platform Odd Future have carved out for themselves -after years of puttin in the work- is only set to expand in the future. It will be interesting to see how Tyler and OF deal with this extended period of influence and relevance and how it, and the relentless marching of time, will affect their future works.

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