6 Perfect Examples Of Mark Corrigan’s Endearing Madness

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Filming for the 9th and final series Peep show, the longest running comedy series in the entire history of Channel 4’s existence, is due to start this year. Having the El-dude brothers and Co back on the small screen is an incredibly exciting prospect. Peep Show is arguably what a perfect synthesis of tragedy and comedy looks like – no other show can craft such painfully hilarious and cringe-worthy moments, and no other show can claim to leave viewers writhing and squirming as a consequence of the absurd, but relatable situations constructed.
Whilst Super Hans, with his drug-fuelled antics and his esoteric, anti-establishment pearls of wisdom, is undoubtedly a fan favourite, there’s just no beating the neurosis of Mark Corrigan. Pent-up frustrations, an awkward demeanour, and a seemingly contradictory combination of a complete faith in ‘the system’ with occasional episodes of madness and erratic behaviour – Mark Corrigan embodies the relatively average, slightly nerdy 21st Century adult who is consistently crushed and defeated in all arenas of his life, regardless of their adherence to social convention.
Take a peek at the list we’ve compiled below, highlighting our favourite moments of Mark Corrigan’s endearing brand of madness – From painfully awkward encounters, to perfectly articulated deconstructions of moronic behaviour, from strained attempts to fit in, to terrifying episodes of uncontrollable rage – all of these moments make Mark a character that we can’t wait to have back on our screens.

The Phone Call 

“Blitzkrieg i’m in the Ardennes”

Dealing with the aftermath of the awkward phone call

Christmas with the Corrigan’s – Where’s the Turkey?

“Mark the Shark is in business”

Desperate to find out more about Jeff and Sophie’s relationship, Mark attempts to bond with Jeff over a few beers and some pool.

Mark’s war on drugs

It’s not all breakdowns and awkwardness though. There are several occasions when Mark clinically dresses down ‘morons’ and scoundrels, half inspired by the bitterness and resentment that years of “turning up, logging in, and grinding out” have left him with. After pretending to drop some ecstasy in order to indulge Sophie’s desire to live a little bit more, Mark spends the entire night and subsequent morning pretending to be under the influence- until…

A perfectly normal response… (?)

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