6 Of The Most Memorable Mad Men Scenes Thus Far

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AMC’s award-winning television series Mad Men has just begun its final televisual outing – the final episodes of the final season are now being aired. For fans of the series, that’s a bitter-sweet announcement – we’re torn between wanting to see what happens to the characters we have become so deeply invested in, and never wanting our stylish and tumultuous love affair with the 1960’s world of advertising to end.
Weiner’s Mad Men stylishly and sleekly charts the vast social, cultural, and political turmoil of the 1960’s and it’s thoroughly gripping to watch the characters deal with an increasingly uncertain and alien world, as their own lives slowly disintegrate due to the demands of the unflinching and unsympathetic world of American capitalism and cut-throat business.
We’ll miss the impeccable wardrobes, the narratives of success in the face of misogyny and discrimination, and the narratives of tragedy, despair and isolation in the same environment. So as Don and co begin the Mad Men swansong, relive some of the most riveting moments from one of the finest TV series in recent memory.
(If you haven’t seen any of it yet and plan to, you might want to avoid a few of these videos – they may contain slight spoilers) 

Wipe the blood off your mouth 

Charismatic, ruthless, handsome and brazen – and this quite literally only scratches the surface of the troubled and enigmatic Don Draper. Peep the scene below where, in his trademark style, Don commands the respect and attention of everyone in the room as he pursues another company to add to the list of a gradually increasing client base.

That’s what the money is for!

For our money, this is one of the most memorable scenes in the whole series. Don’s protegé Peggy, the talented copywriter struggling in an industry dominated by hyper masculine men, confronts Don about the apparent hollowness of their work-relationship, and the limited gratification she gets from the hard work she puts in.

Ken Cosgrove tap dancing 

This one probably deserves an explanation, but then again, it’s pretty esome on its on… Drugs – there, that will do. Watch Ken turn up 1960’s style.

Roger Sterling takes LSD 

…and things understandably get a little weird.

Jaguar and Joan 

Equal parts poignant and painful, watch as Don’s pitch to Jaguar tragically mirrors the selling of Joan’s body to Herb for the companies benefit. Fans will know that this episode as a whole is brutal, but masterfully executed.

Pete and Lane fight 

You can’t have a 1960’s American television drama without a character who has a ridiculously exaggerated English accent and English sensibilities. Tensions between Lane and Pete reach boiling point in this scene, and some good ol’ fisticuffs seem to be the only solution.

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