6 Skateboarders Who Do Super Cool Stuff Outside Of Skating


Skateboarding is inherently creative, and even those who don’t push have some sort of respect for the scene, it’s innovativeness, and it’s radical, inimitable spirit. There are a plethora of skateboarders and skate companies that faithfully reflect the creative and expressive ethos that is fundamental to the skate culture. To name them all would take too long, and to name a few would be a disservice to those companies not mentioned, that still hold it down. Companies and Skaters around the world consistently produce on point videos, hardware, apparel, and design pieces that proudly showcase the ingenuity, style, and imagination that is prominent in the skateboarding community.

There are other types of ‘evidence’ for this creativity however – and it comes in the form of the very people that decide to pick up a board and shred. It turns out that quite a few of the people that are attracted to skateboarding boast many talents, and tend to excel in other areas of creativity and expression; maybe that’s a coincidence, maybe it’s a testament to the values and ideas that skateboarding promotes – either way, it’s pretty fucking cool. So check out this list of skateboarders that have other talents that you might find surprising, and find a new found respect for these shredders.  

Ed Templeton – Photographer

In our humble opinion, Ed is a certified veteran and one of the coolest skaters to step onto a board.Outside of skateboarding he’s always maintained a unique and interesting personality that you couldn’t help but envy. His deep investment in photography and art, is an investment somewhat, in the nature of people – His daily HBPier videos and photos showcase the weird and wonderful humans that populate the lands of the west coast. His photography is admired by people both inside and outside of the skateboarding community and we highly recommend you check it out over at www.ed-templeton.com.


Ray Barbee – In A Band

Ray Barbee was innovative in skateboarding and is still a name you can often hear in your local park.Boasting a seemingly timeless style and a  positive, likeable attitude,  the master of the no-comply is as comfortable on the board now, as he was in his ‘hey-dey’. Barbee is also a keen photographer and musician, and perfroms as a solo artist and as part of a band. Check him out below.

Shawn Powers – Art

The New York native Shawn Powers sometimes known as spookie, is currently skating for Palace Skateboards, and has been heavily involved with the company since the jump, A big personality, a dope skater, and a cool artist to boot – you should definitely check him out.


Curren Caples – Surfing

If you’ve seen any video featuring Curren’s skating, you’ll know that the kid rips and is easily one of the best young skaters right now. Not only does he kill it on a skateboard, but he’s pretty handy when it comes to catching waves too. We don’t profess to be experts on surfboarding, but his style and flow speaks for itself – check it out below:

Marc Johnson – Creative at Enjoi/Makes Boards

Another serious O.G. Not only was Marc Johnson responsible for a vast array of Enjoi’s visual aesthetic and advertising flair (round about the 10 minutes mark if you don’t want to watch it all) but he also made these awesome hand carved boards that chocolate subsequently reproduced. You’d be super lucky to find some for sale still, but be sure to check the rest of the boards out.


Mark Gonzales – Art

Perhaps one of the more obvious candidates for our list is The Gonz. Mark’s unique style and vision arguably changed skateboarding forever when he was on the board, and he continues to make waves off the board in the art world, the design world, and even in several high profile clothing and apparel collaborations. In a world where being “different” is increasingly the “norm” Mark stands out as a truly unique and refreshing guy. To check out more of the strange scribbles from Mark Gonzales head over to huck magazine for a look at a few of his drawings.


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