Finesse On The Board: 6 Of The Craziest Manuals Ever Caught On Tape

Skate Videos, Skateboarding

If monstrous gaps and huge rails epitomise that raw, reckless side of skateboarding that we all love, then the manual is all about balance, finesse, delicacy and tact. These two ‘areas’ aren’t always separate though (see Daewon’s madness below), but nonetheless they are indicative of skateboarding’s range, versatility, and flexibility. There are few, if any, stipulated rules and codes -Don’t snake man, Don’t be a dick. The board and the street/park encourage creativity, freedom and expression, and that’s what makes skateboarding so awesome, and so different from any other active ‘sport’ around. As always, we’re keen to give a platform to something that we’re passionate about, so check out the list below to see some of the sickest, most daring, and most technical manuals that have been caught on tape.

Sewa Kroetkov – 540 flip to nose manual to nollie late flip out

Daewon Song – 360flip, Noseblunt, Manual

Rodney Mullen – Switch Kickflip, One Foot Nose Manual 

Mike Mo – Kickflip Nose Manual, Switch Flip Fake Manual

Fernan Origel – Nollie Late Front Foot Flip, Nose Manual

Daewon Song – Fakie Manual, Replaces Wheel 

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