6 Earl Sweatshirt Jams To Coincide With His Upcoming UK Tour Dates

Hip-Hop, Live music, Music

Earl Sweatshirt is returning to the UK for three headlining dates in June, and he’s bringing with him music from his latest surprise album ‘I Dont Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’. This new tour has undoubtedly caught the interest of Odd Future’s legions of fans, and considering that Earl is a much respected rapper outside of that collective, the demand will most likely be pretty damn high. We’ve been fans of Earl Sweatshirt for a while now – we remember catching the ‘Earl’ single a few years back – his intricate rhyme skills and the controversial, lurid  subject matter definitely made him stand out. Earl has grown a lot since then, and while his sick flow and tight rhymes definitely remain intact, he’s arguably matured and grown as a rapper. Post ‘EARL’ collabos, Doris, and now I Don’t Like Shit… chart a sort of movement towards deeper, more conscious material. We’re stoked to hear that Sweatshirt is playing in our home town of London, but he’s also featuring on the line-ups of various festivals and events around the UK this year so you’ll have ample opportunity to catch him. As such, we thought we’d hit you with 6 of our personal favourite Sweatshirt joints in anticipation of his arrival – have a listen below, and don’t forget to grab some tickets (here







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