6 Songs For Your St. Patrick’s Day Playlist

Hip-Hop, History, Music, Rock

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The 17th of March, as you most probably know, is said to mark the date of St. Patrick’s death, and as such cultural and religious celebrations commence across the globe. This patron Saint is commonly credited with bringing the Christian faith to Ireland, but modern day celebrations are not just limited to this religious aspect; indeed they tend to celebrate Irish culture and heritage in general. The tendency to enjoy one or two (or three or four…) cold beverages on St Paddy’s has it’s roots in the fact that the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol were often lifted in order to celebrate his life. For better or for worse then, the 17th of March is a night for getting fucked up, so we thought we’d hit you with a few Irish bangers for your playlist to help those Guinness’ go down a little smoother. New, old, classic, and underground feature in our St. Paddy’s Playlist – take a listen below:

The Pogues – Streams Of Whiskey
Debauched poetry at it’s best
When the world is too dark, and i need the light inside of me, i’ll walk into a bar and drink fifteen pints of beer

Reggie Snow – Nights Over Georgia 

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes 

Thin Lizzy – Whiskey in the Jar 

The Dubliners – Spancil Hill

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