6 Degrees Of (Doomed) Separation iv

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The Money Folding, Metal Faced MF DOOM has a vast discography that is as intimidating as it is impressive. It’s Dumile’s lyrical abilities, his eccentric metaphors, and his references and name-drops (both tantalisingly obscure and easily recognised) that have solidified DOOM’s position as a vanguard of the Hip-Hop ‘underground’. Indeed, his discography is so vast, and his references so broad, that we are fairly confident that everything (in one way or another) can be traced back to, or into DOOM’s music. So without further ado, peep the first edition of 6 Degrees of (DOOMED) separation, where we try to prove that we’re all ‘doomed’ ; that everything, and perhaps everyone, is only separated by 6 villainous degrees, and DOOM WILL UNITE US ALL.
(Don’t worry, it’s not a cult)

(1) In All Outta Ale, DOOM drops a sly Henry Kissinger reference (at 0:53)

“She did the dipper and the smack just missed her/There go a list of politics like Henry Kissinger”

(2) Henry Kissinger received his degree in Political Science from the prestigious Harvard University. Years later, Rashida Jones would also attend Harvard – studying religion and philosophy, she graduated in 1997.



(3) Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones the musician turned media mogul.



(4) In 1989, Jones produced the studio album Back On The Block, which featured musical heavyweights across three generations including Miles David, Ella Fitzgerald, Ice T and Big Daddy Kane.

(5) In 1988 Big Daddy Kane released the much celebrated album Long Live the Kane- the album which features perhaps his most famous track Ain’t No Half Steppin’

(6) Ain’t No Half Steppin is considered one of the golden songs from a golden age of hip-hop, and perhaps this is the reason many artists continue to sample Kane’s tune today…including MF Doom, who sampled it in the joint Potholderz. (that “ahh shit!” you hear at the beginning of Doom’s joint – that’s straight from Kane’s track featured above)

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