6 Deathwish-Affiliated Bangers To Mark The Release Of ‘Let It Be Known’


The Deathwish tour video Let It Be Known¬†dropped last week – the full video can be found over at Thrasher (here..) Deathwish have always been a skate company/team that we have gravitated towards, the reason for this is not quite clear – it could be to do with there ‘fuck you’ attitude and the constant hijinx and fights that appear in nearly every video, or it could be the OG’s such as Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, and Antwuan Dixon that skate for deathwish, along with the extended crew of Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, Kevin Spanky Long etc. No doubt they have some serious talent. All in all there’s definitely something about Deathwish that makes you want to skate where your not supposed to, piss people off, fight with security and not care as long as you’re skateboarding with your homies.
Peep 6 Baker/Deathwish/Shake Junt affiliated clips of gnar below, and don’t forget to peep the tour vid!


Figgy Switch Backside Flip

Erik Ellington – Switch Frontside Flip

Jim Greco – 360 Flip

Lizard King – Switch Japan Air

Slash Hansen – Front Board Hurricane

Dustin Dollin – Huge Kickflip Fakie

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