6 Moments Of Perfect Weirdness From Wes Anderson Films

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Wes Anderson is, for many people, one of America’s most exciting, innovative, and refreshingly original directors. Anderson’s films mix charming zaniness with dead-pan comedy, and beautifully symmetrical scenes with meticulously constructed cinematography. Melancholy, grief, and loss are ideas that are often explored on the other side of Anderson’s lens, yet the quirky and distinctive characters, the outlandish and absurd plots, and the seductive alternative worlds that he creates gives his films a sense of optimism and originality that keeps them from feeling painfully heavy. Actors with strong cult followings often appear in Anderson’s films and the likes of Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe, and Adrian Brody repeatedly star in his cinematic endeavours. We’re big fans of Wes and his films, so join us in celebrating his genius, relive some of your favourite moments, or find a new favourite director by watching 6 moments that encapsulate the perfect ‘weirdness’ of Wes Anderson films. 

Whackbat – Fantastic Mr Fox
It’s a pretty simple game really…


Esteban, the manner of his death, and ‘crazy eyes’ – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
This Jacques Cousteau-esque documentary is one of our favourite Anderson flicks, regardless of what the critics say. Check this clip from the opening premiere. It’s a perfect example of Anderson’s ability to infuse the tragic with a type zany humour – and, somehow, it works beautifully.


Three punches – The Grand Budapest Hotel
Rapid Snap shots, jump-cuts, violence, and humour all feature in this appealingly bizarre clip.


Mr Fox Eating – Fantastic Mr Fox
This epitomises the dead-pan comedy that pervades Anderon’s interpretation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox


Fire Drill – The Royal Tenenbaums
Another instance of a tragic story (the plane crash) being infused with an distinctive, strange, inimitable humour. Ben Stiller’s character in The Royal Tenenbaums is as ridiculous as he as intriguing.


Max Fischer’s Clubs – Rushmore
Rushmore’s best worst student, Max Fischer, is a member of a plethora of amazing clubs. The diverse nature of these increasingly obscure and outlandish clubs really sum up Anderson’s embracing of the ‘weird’




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