6 Of The Most Insane Hill Bombs Ever Recorded

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Skateboarding isn’t always about that tech flip in, flip out shit, nor is it always about crushing local spots; sometimes it’s about blasting down hills, fighting speed wobbles, tempting fate, and throwing in a few powerslides for good measure. That’s the beauty of skateboarding – it’s entirely what you decide to make it. We don’t want to say too much, and we don’t want to preach, so maybe we’re lucky that these videos speak for themselves. Check out our collection of 6 Insane hill bombs, and get your fix of adrenaline (albeit vicariously)

Frank Gerwer (22:50-23:15)

Frank’s been about for a long time. The first man to kickflip both Wallenberg and the Brooklyn Banks set, the guy also finds time to bomb some of the gnarliest hills SF has to offer. Peep this clip from the awesome Destination Unknown Antihero video. Dude slides! Make sure you watch this whole vid when you got time, it’s awesome.


Sean Young

Another clip from a classic Anti-Hero video, Fucktards, sees this legendary hill bomb go down. Sean Young catches some serious speed in the rain – pushing no less than 10 times.


John Fitzgerald

Sometimes there’s not always a pretty ending. Regardless, John Fitzgerald’s ollie in makes for an awesome start to an awesome hill bomb. It might not have gone entirely to plan, but John’s words are a testament to the passion and excitement skating can bring into peoples lives.


Levi Hawken

This dude is nuts. New Zealands finest downhill destroyer, Hawken is also famed for the ‘Nek Minnit’ Meme. But this posts not about that, its all about his ferocious skating. Check it out:


Emmanuel Guzman

It’s cool to have a little narration to accompany Emmanuel Guzman’s incredible feat here. Holds the wobbles like a champ!


Brandon Westgate

It’s not a ‘traditional’ hill bomb (if there is such a thing), but Westgate’s downhill lines here are fast and fierce – plus he does part of it switch.

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