6 Of The Rawest GX1000 Episodes


The GX1000 crew is dedicated to raw skateboarding in all senses, from the style of their shredding, the spots they hit up, right down to the camera they film on -the legendary Sony VX1000. The VX is a symbol of rugged street skateboarding, but going further, it’s a symbol of a particular style and perhaps era of skateboarding – it’s synonymous with rough streets, sick spots, and fast skating, and its reminiscent of a time in skateboarding that was unsaturated by big business, profit, and overbearing and complicated technology. Don’t get us wrong, the ‘Pretty Sweet’ era of HD filming and innovative filming techniques still produces amazing videos, full of great skating and great skateboarders, but there is undoubtedly a sentimental attachment to the VX due to the unadulterated simplicity and honesty that it suggests; It’s a filmer, a camera, a skateboarder, and the street – all killer no filler. For the GX crew, and for many skateboarders, it’s skateboarding in its purest, most undiluted form. So, partly because of our nostalgic desires, partly through pure passion, and partly because of the quality and honesty of the skateboarding displayed, the GX1000 videos have  achieved an undisputed resonance in the skateboarding community.  A lot of their videos can be found over at Thrasher, but to get you going we’ve compiled a list of 6 of our favourites – check em out below, and go skate! 







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