Nostalgia Ultra: 6 Big P Money Jams

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Hailing from South London, Lewisham to be exact, P Money has been in and around the grime scene since the early 2000’s. P honed his craft with the Fatal Assassins crew developing and cultivating a fast, brutal, and ruthless flow – the perfect hype flow.  ‘What Did He Say’ was arguably the first P-Money release that garnered a substantial amount attention, ensuring P’s status as an up and coming grime emcee. Radio appearances, freestyle sessions, and eventually a debut Album – P Money Is Power – cemented P’s reputation further. P Money also showcased an ability to harness other genres of music, and infuse them with an established grime attitude and flow, as evidenced by classic joints such as ‘Left The Room’, and the mainstream success of other tunes like ‘Bass Cannon’ and ‘Dubsteppin’. Grime purists might retreat from some of these ‘crossover’ tracks, and we concede that they’re not our favourite P Money tunes, but they do, however, highlight the versatility of P, his musical ear, and a his knack for adaptation, evolution, and an ability to roll with the times. In some senses then, P-Money is an Emcee that has grown and evolved with the grime movement itself, capable of branching out, but even more capable of bringing it back to the roots- to the freestyles and clashes that we grew up watching and listening to; the recent Lord Of The Mics clash is a testament to that. Such a recent clash has secured P a form of deserved relevance, and as such  it looks like P is gonna be around for a while – thankfully. Peep 6 cuts from P Money’s discography below:


Flush Raw Freestyle


What Did He Say?


Left The Room


Madness (with Blacks)


London Boy


Fire In The Booth 





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