6 Guy Bourdin Photos From The ‘Image Maker’ Exhibition at Somerset House

Art, Fashion, photography

Guy Bourdin, the French fashion photographer, former protégé of Man Ray, and all round artist, is probably best known for the efforts and ability he showcased in turning normal advertisement photography into something much more creative and artistic. Guy’s efforts ensured that his work became iconic and instantly recognisable worldwide. Currently there is an exhibition of his work running in London – its boasts over 100 pieces including unseen sketches, notebooks and paintings, and is the UK’s largest ever exhibition of his work. It’s being held at Somerset House until March 15th, so book some tickets here, or purchase them on the door, and check out six examples of his avant-garde work (and where it appeared) in the list below:

Charles Jourdan Ad, Spring 1976



Charles Jourdan Ad, Spring 1979



Guy Bourdin



Vogue Paris, May 1970



Charles Jourdan Ad, Autumn 1979



 Guy Bourdin 


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