6 Degrees of (DOOMed) separation

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The Money Folding, Metal Faced MF DOOM has a vast discography that is as intimidating as it is impressive. It’s Dumile’s lyrical abilities, his eccentric metaphors, and his references and name-drops (both tantalisingly obscure and easily recognised) that have solidified DOOM’s position as a vanguard of the Hip-Hop ‘underground’. Indeed, his discography is so vast, and his references so broad, that we are fairly confident that everything (in one way or another) can be traced back to, or into DOOM’s music. So without further ado, peep the first edition of 6 Degrees of (DOOMED) separation, where we try to prove that we’re all ‘doomed’ ; that everything, and perhaps everyone, is only separated by 6 villainous degrees, and DOOM WILL UNITE US ALL. 
(Don’t worry, it’s not a cult)

Part of the narrative of DOOM’s track ‘Doomsday’, is about the prison Correctional Officers inabilities to find contraband in his cell, and also individual (or collective) fantasising about sex and females – namely “Fox Brown
C.O.’s make rounds, never have ‘ox found, on shakedown or lockdown, wet dreams of Fox Brown”  (2:07)


“Fox Brown” is almost definitely a reference to ‘Foxy Brown‘ the attractive, titular star of the 1974 blaxploitation film of the same name. Foxy Brown was played by actress Pam Grier…



Pam Grier
is, more than once, the subject of conversation in various Quentin Tarantino films, and also is the lead actress and title star of Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown’..


Long time Quentin Tarantino Collaborator, Samuel L. Jackson, stars in Jackie Brown and numerous other Tarantino films. In 2008, Jackson also starred in Soul Men, a film in which Isaac Hayes makes a cameo appearance…

Isaac Hayes‘ seminal 1969 album Hot Buttered Soul contained an awesome, sprawling, 12-minute cover of Dionne Warwick’s Walk On By. The album in its entirety is recognised as a landmark in soul music, but Walk On By specifically has been sampled multiple times. Rapper, producer, and Wu-Tang Member RZA sampled Hayes’ version of the track for the Wu Tang Joint I Can’t Go To Sleep…

is, of course, a member of the Wu Tang Clan. Tony Starks, also known as the formidable Ghostface Killah is also another respected rhymer who forms part of the Wu Tang family. Ghost has an upcoming album with BADBADNOTGOOD entitled Sour Soul, and the artists recently released a single off the album entitled Ray Gun featuring no other than the metal faced villain himself…DOOM;




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