Nostalgia Ultra: 6 Serious JME Jams

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Jamie Adenuga, otherwise known as the formidable grime stalwart ‘JME’, is one of grimes most recognisable faces, has one of grimes most recognisable flows, and is co-founder of what is arguably grimes biggest current collective – Boy Better Know. As we already touched on in previous iterations of Nostalgia Ultra, both JME and his brother Skepta were formerly part of the Meridian crew before splitting to form Boy Better Know, a group that would eventually turn into a label, have an offshoot mobile phone company, and generally become one of grimes most successful acts- Such success is most probably down to their ability to straddle both the mainstream and underground grime culture.
Focusing on the artist however, JME carved himself a unique place in the grime scene with his distinctive flow and witty lyrics; lyrics that were, and perhaps still are, inimitable. One part thuggish, one part bizarre and one part comedic, JME’s bars are quotable, memorable, yet undeniably complex and original. Within JME’s rhymes, there is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction with standard, generic bars that saturate that creativity of grime as a genre and as a movement. Often we hear him challenge emcees to be original and creative rather than regurgitate pants bars about guns and gash-  (“go write some intelligent bars, show man you know more than just cars shanks, money shanks, gash shanks, weed shanks, please, thanks!”)  It’s in JME’s rhythmic resistance to these tropes that his reputation as a grime legend has been solidified. Delivering swift punches to the nose, slaps to the right and left cheek, and serious bars kids have rhymed along to since day, JME had demanded our respect and our ears, and here is definitely here to stay.

So don’t be a wasteman, derkhead, or a poomplex, and peep six of our selections from JME’s ever growing discography/freestyle locker:




96 Bars Of Revenge 


Certified Badman


JME F64 




Practice Hours 







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