6 Rapper-born Kids (Who Also Rap)


Many children often idolize or aspire to be like their parents, and when your parent is a rap/hip-hop icon there’s a lot to live up to. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether these artist successfully step out of the shadow of their influential parents, but one thing is true – when your pops is Ol’ Dirty or Eazy-E it’s hard to divorce yourself from such a recognised legacy and put your own name on the map.  Check out a selection of six artists in our list below:

Young Dirty Bastard (Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Son)


Lil Eazy-E (Eazy-E’s son)


CJ Wallace (Biggie’s son)


Baby Pun (Big Pun’s son)


Sun God (Ghostface Killah’s Son)


Hood Surgeon (Dr. Dre’s Son)

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