6 songs we’ve been listening to this week


Stormzy – Where Do You Know Me From

Stormzy is an artist that we’re big fans of at the6by6. He’s absoloutely killing it at the moment as well – definitely one to watch.


Adrian Younge ft Ghostface Killah – Blood On The Cobblestones

The formidable Ghostface Killah can do no wrong in our eyes, teaming up with some old friends and new ones ‘check this ol fly shit out’.


Wiley ft Jammer, Earz, JME – Saw It Coming

The grime originator Wiley and some friends on a classic, grimey, and gritty London banger.


Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose

A timeless classic that’s been imitated or duplicated many times, but in our opinion none compare to Louis rendition.


Roy Orbison – In Dreams

The latest enjoi video, oververt, contained this sly banger, and it really caught our ears.We  haven’t stopped listening to it yet.


Ferg ft Twista – Fergsomnia

ASAP Ferg recently dropped a mixtape  featuring some old heads we haven’t heard from in a while…

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