6 Pro Model Shoe Ads You Won’t Mind Sitting Through

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Yeah, adverts and commercials can suck – especially when they put you anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes away from checking out whatever it is you want to see. With the rapid commercialisation of skateboarding culture, skate ads are no longer confined to the pages of magazines like Sidewalk and Thrasher, they are now all over the internet – in the clips, videos, and skateboard features we look at online. We’ve touched on the commercialisation and growing popularity of the skateboarding industry before, but that isn’t the entire message here. In fact, a lot of these adverts just go to prove that no matter how popular skating gets, no matter how much its image might be saturated by big companies looking to make big bucks, there will always be a passionate contingent of creative and original brands in skateboarding that can turn even the most banal of duties (like ‘hey buy this shoe’) into original, relevant and fun clips. Peep 6 shoe ads below that somehow make the selling of products both fun and engaging.


Rick Howard / Lakai
Mike Caroll and Rick Howard’s skater-run skater-owned shoe company always keeps it light-hearted, entertaining, and at times straight up funny. This Rick ad is no exception.



Jim Greco / Supra
Jimmy G doesn’t fuck around when it comes to tricks, video parts, and apparently adverts as well. Everything in this vid is OG, from the car to the garms, to the slow-mo and soundtrack. The hammer series of ads is one of our favourite series, and you’ll see a little more of it further down the list.



Rick Howard / Lakai



Jim Greco / Supra 



Bryan Herman / Emerica 
This is one of a series of Emerica ads that really take a no-bullshit approach to the release of a shoe. There are close-ups of Hermans model to begin with, and to end with, but the real focus here is on the skating – namely that nasty nollie inward heel that Herman pops ridiculously high.


Koston 2 / Nike SB
The swoosh has come under criticism by some for being a powerhouse that has clocked on to the large sums of money floating around in the skateboarding market. That being said, they have one of the raddest teams, drop some of the sickest video parts, and sponsor events and skate parks that help keep the spirit of skateboarding alive. Granted, they have an terrifyingly enormous budget to do all these things – a budget that other more grass-roots companies lack – but at the very least it’s nice to see that the money they use can create something funny and authentic that’s focus is still on the skateboarding, the skateboarder, and (in this case) the myth of the legendary Koston.

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