6 Memorable Question Time Moments (Ahead of the Farage-Brand Showdown Tonight)

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Two of the biggest names in politics right now, namely Nigel Farage and Russell Brand, are due to appear on the BBC Question Time Panel tonight. Farage and Brand have both experienced meteoric rises in the public’s political consciousness as of late, for vastly different reasons. Farage and the UKIP party he represents (in the simplest of terms) vocalise an intense anxiety, if not an outright disdain for the UK’s current immigration policy, as well as being advocates for a full-scale withdrawal from the EU. Brand on the other hand, is probably best known for his full-scale criticism of a ‘broken’ political system that, in true capitalist fashion, protects the interest of big businesses and corporations at the expense of, and by exploiting, a majority of the population.
If you’re curious to know more, check out Brand’s Youtube channel and his “trews” for a more in depth look at the politics of an undoubtedly eloquent, articulate man.
Similarly, for the sake of balance, you can check the out the UKIP website here.
(in our humble political opinion though, albeit not the most intensely researched opinion…Fuck UKIP)

It’s bound to be an interesting clash of politics, beliefs, and ideas so make sure you peep the live show tonight at 10:35 on BBC 1 (Live from the Gulbenkian Theatre, Kent University, Canterbury). To tide you over till then we’ve compiled six memorable moments from past question time shows – a mixture of the strange, the intense, the passionate,  the hilarious, and the cringe-worthy feature below:


They don’t make em like they used to



Joey Barton UKIP analogy 



Johnny Rotten and the decriminalisation of drugs



That time Nick Griffin got merked.



Man storms out during heated immigration debate



Will Self send for politicians (and Michael Gove) – Michael Gove spits fire back  



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