Nostalgia Ultra: 6 Hard D Double E Tracks

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Oh my gosh! D Double E comes under the spotlight this time around. D Double, like the rest of the grime artists we’ve focused on so far, has been about since day. After parting ways with the notorious and respected N.A.S.T.Y Crew, E helped to form the Newham Generals (along with Footsie and DJ MS1). Since then he has been a constant presence in the grime scene dropping more than a few bangers in his time and delivering them all with one of the most unique and recognisable grime voices (and flows) in the game. Peep 6 tracks across D Double E’s grime career in the list below, and discover (or re-discover) some serious bars penned by a serious grime veteran.
Bluku Bluku!


Car Freestyle
It might be an acapella, but there is no better introduction to D Double’s witty bars and unique flow than this freestyle. Bloody Nora!


‘Nowadays I’m on arms just like a bangle!’ This track is straight off the ‘Best Of Newham Generals’ album released in 2006. Straight grimey – enough said.



Bad To The Bone
Budebutbut! Can’t knock the tough bars over this gritty beat. This one is arguably a modern grime classic. 



N.A.S.T.Y Crew 1Xtra Set (D Double E, Sharky Major, Kano, Stormin)
Peep this nasty crew set from the early 2000’s on 1xtra. The whole crew kills it here, but its sick to see D Double thrown down on the stompin’ ground that is 1xtra back in the day.



Street Fighter Riddim
Like the car freestyle, this tune is another example of D Double E’s on point wordplay – listen as he rolls through some of the sickest Street Fighter references that even the most veteran street fighter gamers can relate to. No frontin’ here.



Breakage Ft. Newham Generals – Hard
Back when this one dropped it was everywhere. Newham Generals bring the gritty bars that compliment the thuggish production on this one.





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