6 Of The Waviest Undergarment/Loungewear Items To Cop This Christmas

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If you’re a guy, chances are you’ll end up with some boxers and socks this Christmas. That’s not a bad thing, because without this seasonal influx of undergarments a lot of underwear drawers would be dramatically thinner. No doubt that ladies too are also on the receiving end of some form of underwear, loungewear or nightwear too. Again, this isn’t a tradition to be critisiced, but if you feel like changing it up a little bit this year then look no further than this lavish list.

(Also, any absolute ballers that can actually afford, and may actually purchase these items please email us and lets talk business)


Hermes Pleated Boxers (£290 / $470)

Hermes Pleated Boxers 6



FALKE- Limited Edition Peruvian Vicuna Hair Socks (£726)



La Perla – Ricamoto Lace-Trimmed Tulle-Insert Halter Gown & Kimono Robe
(Sold Separately – £713.90/$1116) 




Derek Rose Pure Silk Otis Boxers (£157)








DSQUARED Silk Mask Boxers (£192.80)




Burberry Knitted Cashmere Socks (£150)


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