6 Scenes Of All Out Madness From Shops On Black Friday

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It’s Black Friday today, which means shops and stores everywhere are putting out some of the craziest deals and discounts around. Chaos, fights, and all around madness is pretty much guaranteed as consumers and shoppers duke it out to snag the best loot. Scenes of such madness kind of suck as they go to show just how invested we are in a consumer society – don’t get it twisted we’re not preaching, we like a discount as much as the next person – but it’s pretty fucked when heads start gettin busted over cut price TV’s or some pants DVD’s. Although put someone in the way of the last copy of Fifa 15 and it might be a different story… jheeze – we jest. Peep 6 of the maddest scenes from shops on both sides of the Atlantic in the below post!
(Just do your shopping online bruv!)


Fight for TV In Walmart


Doors open, madness begins in ASDA


Wear your jersey – lets team up


Girl in the northy is not havin it 


Urban Outfitters 


How does that dude come away with two TV’s!




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