6 Other “BLACK” Things To Check Out This Friday

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We’re keenly aware that when media and social media works in cahoots, topics can become saturated and annoying very fast. Flicking through your Facebook to see Kim Kardashian’s butt for the 400th time, or hearing again and again about the madness of shopping on Black Friday can drive even the hardcore of internet/media surfers mad. We also know that blogs like ours probably contribute such saturation – but we’d also like to think that we can steer you to some cool shit as well. That being said, here’s a Black Friday ‘relief’ post, with the aim of guiding you towards some other cool shit that only shares half of the title of one of the maddest shopping days of the year. Check out our mixture of BLACK videos, songs, films, and clips below – ALL FOR THE LOW LOW LOW PRICE OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING


Behind the scenes at BLACK Box Distribution
Watch Jamie Thomas and the crew at Black Box work, skate, and screw around behind the scenes at their offices in this neat video.


BLACK Sabbath – Black Sabbath
It’s always a good time to listen to Sabbath.


Henry Rollins (Formerly of BLACK Flag) Beefin With Some Kids
Henry Rollins trademark temper snaps again in this interesting and intriguing video.


BLACK Bastards
For our money, this is one of the sickest hip-hop albums ever. (Catch the early bars of MF DOOM as Zev Love X)


Peep the trailer for this interesting documentary on the state of the Orca (Killer) Whales that are held in captivity at places like Seaworld. Worth a look this one – if you dig the trailer you can find the whole movie lurking around on the internet somewhere…


The BLACK Dahlia 
Click the link and read up about one of the most infamous, unsolved murder cases in American policing history. Check out a brief overview in the video below, or better still read the awesome book by James Ellroy.



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