Nostalgia Ultra: 6 Serious Skepta Tunes

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Joseph – Junior – Adenuga!  Another grime vanguard, Skeppy started off as the DJ in Meridian Crew, briefly joined Roll Deep with fellow lyricist, grime icon and brother JME, and then founded arguably the most successful grime collective to date – Boy Better Know. Skepta’s blend of aggressive, humorous, and straight up mean bars have helped to solidify his place in the grime scene. Skepta’s been about, watching grime evolve from it’s gritty origins to more popularised forms. In The late 2000’s grime stars and grime crews began to dabble with a more ‘mainstream’ house sound as grime began to seep into the popular consciousness- tracks like “Amnesia” spring to mind. We must confess we’re not the biggest fans of that polished sound – probably something to do with the gritter, grimier beats we grew up on and hold in ridiculous esteem- but what is clear is that with new tracks like  “That’s Not Me”, Skepta has captured the current grime movements resurgence – a resurgence that has come about through harking back to roots.

Plastician Ft Skepta – Intensive Snare




Skepta – Practice Hours Freestyle



Skepta Ft Wiley – Are You Ready



Skepta – I Spy



Skepta – That’s Not Me



Skepta – Ace Hood Flow

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