Guest 6: Art Work From Tattoo Artist Bob Done

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Bob Done has been holding down the tattoo game for the last 7 years and has built up a stellar client base – a client base we’re stoked to count ourselves among. We’d like to think we’ve gotten to know him fairly well, and a trip to the shop is always more than just straight up cash for tatts – everyone’s friendly and down to shoot the shit and crack a few jokes. He has been nice enough to hook us up with some art work, so feast your eyes on these rad drawings, straight from the brain of one of the most original, zany, and creative dudes out there.

If you like what you see he is currently working out of THE LOOKOUT  in Worthing Рhit them up and go get tattooed

¬†The 6 F’s

Fightin РFiendin РFrontin 


Flossin – Fuckin – Fadin’


For more follow the shop and the guys on instagram






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