6 British and Irish Hip Hop Artists to look out for right now

Hip-Hop, London, Music, UK Hip-Hop

We’re big fans of Hip-Hop here at The6by6 and have been for as long as we can remember; From Wu Tang to Biggie, from MF Doom to Tribe we dig them all. We don’t consider ourselves ¬†connoisseurs of hip hop but we like to think we know our stuff -young and old. The UK has always held it down with regards to its own version of hip-hop, but recently its really starting to get the attention it deserves. Don’t get it twisted, we’re huge fans of grime, but UK Hip-hop can be said to be a different kettle of fish. The new rise of UK hip-hop is something that both intrigues and excites us, there are more and more artists gaining recognition here in the UK, and they’ve started to cross boundaries – gaining support in wider Europe and even the US. With that said here’s 6 of our favourite picks – check them out.

Rejjie Snow – Rejjie Snow is someone who is making waves right now in the UK and the US. Even though hailing from Dublin Ireland takes him out of the ‘traditional’ UK hiphop bracket, we have to include Mr Snow. The¬†Irish accent is definitely a perk for the young man as the accent he bares provides an endearing distinctiveness to his voice. His first EP entitled ‘rejovich’ went straight to itunes, and it’s on point! Be sure to check him out.

Hawk House – Hawk House Recently released their first album ‘A Handshake To The Brain’ which has received very good reviews and what’s even better than there reviews, is the recent comparisons that have been made about the group comparing them to the formidable Fugees. This concept album is sick from start to finish, and Hawk House are definitely doing bits right now. If you haven’t heard your missing out.

Loyle Carner – Loyle Carner is also someone who has been generating a lot of buzz, with his gritty lyrics and unmistakeably London accent he’s definitely caught our attention. His debut EP ‘A Little Late’ has just been released for free download and it consists of ‘6’ tracks! We feel this cant have been coincidence but who knows. Download the EP here.

Jesse James – Jesse James Solomon dropped and EP entitled ‘SE’ back in august and we dig it, with dark beats and darker lyrics its music that conveys a mood and very well. Since featuring on songs with Rejjie Snow and Edgar The Beatmaker Jesse James has been on our playlist. Check him out here in his newest video with Rejjie Snow.

Sub Luna City – This new music collective contains rappers and beat makers, including Edgar the Beatmaker, otherwise known as King Krule. This collective definitely stand on their own two feet, but if you dig King Krule you’ll know that anything he is involved in is worth a listen.

Onoe Caponoe – Onoe Caponoe is probably the strangest of the bunch and may slightly stray away from the category of ‘hip-hop’, but we feel he definitely deserves at the very least a spot on our top six. With exquisite delivery and an attractive zaniness, Onoe Caponoee is someone you wont forget in a hurry.




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