Nostalgia Ultra: 6 Deep Dizzee Cuts

Features, Grime, Hip-Hop, History, London, Music, Rap, Samples

Dizzee released the gruesome “Couple Of Stacks” for Halloween the other day (watch the horror here), and it got us thinking back to the early days of Boy In Da Corner; one of the undisputed masterpieces of the early grime era. Raskit was instrumental in establishing the grime scene as a credible, creative, and culturally relevant part of the English music scene. Grime probably didn’t crave this recognition – part of its appeal and resonance was in its ability to articulate what it was like to be a forgotten youth, to be on road because no-ones giving you shit to do. Regardless, when Rascal deservedly snatched the Mercury Music Prize at the age of 19, ( becoming the first rapper to win the prize, competing against the likes of Radiohead and Coldplay) he made parents, teachers and the wider public aware of what we were listening to on bus rides to school, what we were talking about at break, and what we were Bluetoothing each other on our Sony Ericssons. Peep 6 Deep Dizzee Cuts below


Creeper Freestyle


I Luv U


Stand Up Tall


Stop Dat


Pussyole (Old Skool)


Sittin Here 



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