6 Of Our Favourite Thrasher Covers


In recent years magazines have taken a back seat due to the ever growing technology that allows us to read, watch, and listen to anything we like, when we like, but thrasher magazine still remains a formidable name in the skateboarding and magazine world. Although we may not buy every issue, everyone that skates or knows about skateboarding knows the name thrasher- its a concrete point of reference in the rapidly growing skateboard world, and it always keeps it real. With that said here’s our six favourite thrasher covers of all time.

January 1989 

Skater – Jay Adams

Photo – Hudson



April 1998

Skater – Bob Burnquist

Photo – Ogden


November 1997

Skater – Jeremy Wray

Photo – Sturt


July 1983

Skater – Jay Alabamy

Photo – Friedman


July 2000

Skater – Arto Saari

Photo – Sturt


November 2003

Skater – Lance Mountain & Rick McCrank

Photo – Morf


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