6 Enjoi-Affiliated Skate Clips To Mark The Release Of Oververt

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Enjoi premiered their third full-length video ‘Oververt’ a week ago – As it stands the DVD is gonna hit the shelf on the 7th of November and the iTunes download will be up on the 10th. Enjoi have, for our money, one of the sickest skate teams about. There’s been some big departures (Jerry Hsu, Marc Johnson), but the current team that includes the likes of Jimmy Carlin, Ben Raemers, Louie Barletta and Caswell Berry are holding it down. The skating is tight in every department, but its the style and the attitude of the brand and its skaters that really attracts us – they keep this shit fun! We’re definitely gonna be checking out Oververt and you should too! Get hyped for its relase with this six awesome clips, tricks, and parts – both new and old.¬†Enjoi!


Ben Raemers РThrasher Magnified 

Ben Raemers banging out one of the sickest boardslides we’ve seen in a while!


Jimmy Carlin – Flippity Flop Pit Stop
This particular clip is of Carlin when he was still riding for Mystery. Since then he’s joined the enjoi team and we think his zaniness is a perfect fit. Watch him absolutely kill some flatground in this cool video.


Zack Wallin – Welcome To Enjoi part
Zack’s welcome to the team part was no joke when it dropped. The street gap at the end is no joke either. Check this one out



Wieger Van Wageningen – SB Chronicles
Wiger’s ledge tricks in this Nike SB vid are insane – Checkitouttt


Louie Barletta – Bag Of Suck
Louie Barletta’s Bag Of Suck part is fuckin awesome! Yeah the tricks are rad, but what is possibly even better about this part is just how fun it is. Louie brings it back to what skateboarding is all about – fun.


Jerry Hsu – Bag Of Suck
Yeah, he’s one chocolate now, but we had to round it off with Jerry Hsu’s monster part from Bag Of Suck. Clocking in at over 7 minutes, it might be a bit long for you to watch if you’re on the move – but you definitely need to set some time aside watch this (or re-watch it).

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