6 Allen Jones Pieces.. To Coincide With His Upcoming Royal Academy Show


Allen Jones has cemented himself as one of the principle figures of British pop art over the last half century. While perhaps best known for his sculptures, Jones’s paintings have also proved influential.

What we like about his paintings is their organic nature, which sets him apart from his contemporaries within British and American pop art, whose work often intended to achieve some level of sterility.

As Kelly Grovier puts it:

“they also appear more attuned to the spirit of Kandinsky than to the more urgent energy of Lichtenstein and Warhol, who were eradicating from their slick commercial surfaces every trace of discernible brushwork.”

Here’s a small cross section of his work, some of which set to be on display at the Royal Academy, 13th of November to 15th of January:


French Cooking – 1973

Cafe Noir 1973 by Allen Jones born 1937


Eyes Front – 2009

Allen Jones 4


Munich Olympic Games – 1972

allen jones 3


Kate Moss in Bronze Glitter – 2013

allen jones 2


Table – 1969

Allen Jones 1


Taikoo Place, Hong Kong – 2010

Taikoo Place hong kong

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