6 Southbank Bangers!

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Southbank, all the history it has, and everything it means to Londoners and skateboarders across the globe, was recently guaranteed its spot in London safe from future planned developments. This is an awesome victory for skateboarding, culture, and for a type of creative expression that makes London as vibrant and as exciting as it is. You can peep an edit from the ‘Southbank Forever’ celebration Jam here, and be sure to check some photos, articles and the like on the Long Live Southbank Facebook Page. We thought we’d join the celebrations in true six style, so here are 6 of our favourite Southbank bangers – be they short and sweet lines, big solo tricks, or full blown edits.
(Big thanks and respect to those who donated, fought, and spoke up in defence of one of England’s most important skate spots!)


Paris Laurenti


Casper Brooker


Lucien Clarke & Neil Smith 


Vans Team At Southbank 


Old and Young Back To Back Firecrackers

Its especially cool to see two different generations hit the Southbank stairs back to back here. It’s even more satisfying to know now that this is a spot that has been secured for future generations to shred. Be sure to peep the rest of this Jam, its sick.


Chewy Cannon

Awesome to see Southbank appear in Chewy’s Transworld Edit. Fast and tough, this is the perfect Southbank line. Be sure to peep the rest of this edit too, Chewy kills it!


There’s so many documented and undocumented lines, memories, and pieces of history at Southbank, and its reassuring to know that these experiences will continue. Surf around the web, check out some more jams, lines, or documentaries – better yet if you’re close go and skate it
Long Live Southbank!

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