6 Pearls of Wisdom from Ghostface Killah

comedy, Music

Ghostface Killah is a modern-day sage. If you ever find yourself lost in regards to your love life, your diet, or dealing with midgets we strongly recommend you consult the vast library of Ghost wisdom that can be found on the YouTube.

Here are a few to get you started:


How To Make a Girl Happy:

“Take her on vacation… you gon be good for a minute… Especially if you doin shit, playin, nahmean, little volleyballs they got on the beach”

A Hustla’s Diet:

“Peanut butterĀ and jelly. That’s still hood right dere wid a little glass a milk – you rock it”

On Wife-ing Hoes:

“a woman supposed to have respect and not just lettin anybody sliding in her temple like that”

On the Act of Love Making:

“You gotta keep your feet game right. A good man like a nice foot not all that bullshit”

Advice on How to Handle the Situation of Both Your Girls Meeting:

“Nigga this the one you love, try to protect her more than the other one there”

And Since Halloween is Coming Up…

“I dont like touchin midgets anyway cuz they hands is like… they stubby like”


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