6 Awesome Opening Lines From Skate Videos

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An opening line can suck you into a part and get you hyped straight away. There’s nothing better than exclaiming “fuck!!” within the first few seconds of a video, because of either technically tight and clean lines, or some quick-fire furious skating. Check these 6 below and cop the whole videos if you can!


Mike Carroll – Modus Operandi 

This opening line has, for our money, one of the most perfect switch frontside bigspins in skateboarding history. Caroll with some classic, clean skateboarding in one of our favourite video parts ever. Check it out!



Eric Koston – Yeah Right! 

The Yeah Right! video was a watershed moment in skateboard video history. Girl took skate videos in a different direction with its use of special effects and green-screen technology (The invisible skateboard skit comes to mind). The skateboarding itself did not suffer as a result of this however, and Kostons line, along with the opening argument over the stolen wallet, makes his part a classic.



Brandon Westgate – Stay Gold

A great line isn’t necessarily about length, and Brandon Westgate demonstrates that perfectly here. A perfect kickflip nosegrind and a smooth 5-0 that he makes look easy. Fast and furious skating from the offset in this classic opening line, and this classic part!



Jamie Thomas – Welcome To Hell 

A classic, flowy line at the legendary Brooklyn Banks sees Thomas hit both rails with a heelflip and tre flip in between. Skating, location, filming and music work in harmony here to produce one of the sickest opening lines from one of our favourite parts. We challenge you to find another part that has as many car and motorcycle-involved tricks!



Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3

You don’t need to say a lot here, the skating speaks for itself. Antwuan’s opening line from Baker 3 is just so fucking smooth, especially the 360 flip. Nonchalant, effortless skating makes for a sick beginning to an awesome part from an awesome video – check it out below!



Andrew Reynolds – This Is Skateboarding

Peep The Boss throw down one of the most glorious and lengthy opening lines in skateboarding history! This part has it all – Bluntslides, manuals, tech shit, and a fucking huge kickflip to top it off



Ray Barbee – Ban This 

We couldn’t do a ‘skateboarding lines’ post without mentioning Ray Barbee- master of the no-comply, crazy shuv, rotation, old-school line. Peep this trippy, mirage-like opening line from ‘Ban this’ and go learn (or do) some no complys and 3shuvs!




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