6 Independent skate companies making waves right now

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In the current skateboarding climate the larger more corporate brands are taking a back seat in terms of popularity, and personally we think this is a good thing. Though the capital and resources of these larger companies inevitably leads to some really positive stuff, its still really awesome to see the smaller, independent brands come through, be recognised and have their voice heard. To celebrate here’s 6 of our favourite right now – Don’t forget to watch their videos and GO SKATE! 

Polar Skate Co – Sweden (Video)

Probably one of the most notorious on the list Polar are doing a lot right now. From clothing to boards from graphics to who they collaborate with. These things aside, the team its self is still full of rippers and their throwback style of skating and DIY approach is something lots of people dig right now. They’re on point


Fucking Awesome – America (Video)

Run by the OG that is Jason Dill, Fucking Awesome’s meteoric rise really began when alien workshop folded. Their brash graphics and simplistic style appeal to so many and there team, consisting of past alien workshop riders Dylan Reider and Kevin Terpening and more, ensure the quality of the skaters is at a premium.

fucking awesome

Palace – England (Video)

Palace are currently running the UK skate scene be that by board sales clothing sales or collaborations, not to mention the hype surrounding every glimpse of a video they put out. With a 90’s vibe and a focus on gritty street skateboarding, palace are doing things.


Welcome – America (Video)

Welcome are offering something no other company is really offering right now, with their outlandish graphics, varied board shapes, grip jobs and unorthodox skating. We love it, skateboarding is all about being original and we fully back what Welcome are bringing to the scene.


Isle Skateboards – England (Video)

Another UK skater run and based company leading the way for independent companies. Run by Nick Jensen (formally of blueprint) isle’s focus of design is evident in their graphics. Strong prints, sculpture work and photography feature heavily in the make-up of Isle and they give both their boards and their clothes a rad and unique look. Don’t forget to check the video up top!


3D – America (Video)

3D is run by OG veteran and former Girl skateboarder Brian Anderson – Anderson’s solid skateboarding style and overall attitude have been infused into the company so you know who your fucking with. Sick graphics and quality boards, plus a team that boasts rippers like Austyn Gilette- you’ve gotta check 3D out for sure.



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