6 iconic suits from the silverscreen

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Suits are seen as the corner stone of style, from 80s power suits, to 50s double breasted suits, from peaked lapels to the slimmer ‘armani suit’ we know today. Over the years there have been some exceptional suits on our screens and here’s 6 of the best.

Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair                                              

Created by Savile Row tailor Doug Hayward for the movie this 3 piece is exquisite.


Robert De Niro in Casino                                                                                              

This film boasts a huge collection of garishly coloured suits but perfectly cut and matched.


Jack Nicholson in China Town                                                                                    

The attention to detail shown in the suits worn in this film is impeccable from the ties to pocket squares everything is carefully put together.


Michael Douglas in Wall Street                                                                                    

The quintessential power suit worn perfectly, powerfully and immaculately.


Carry Grant in North By Northwest                                                                              

This film from 1959 show cases a style of suit that is still as classic today as it was then.


Humphrey Bogart in Maltese Falcon                                                                          

This classic double breasted wool blazer, paired with the dark grey and pin-striping scream thriller.


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