6 of our favourite skateboard graphics

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There are some who might argue that in recent years skateboarding has become ‘vogue’, and this has negatively impacted the individuality and creativity that resides at the centre of skateboarding culture. But anyone sincerely invested in skateboarding can see that there is still a lot of positive and creative energy going into it, and just as much coming out. Skating may have a new-found overly commercial presence, and this might make some people uncomfortable, but there is (and hopefully always will be) skaters, brands, shops and people that are committed to promoting and protecting a positive skateboarding ethos. In the midst of this changing landscape, we thought it would be cool to appreciate the creativity and artistic effort that goes into creating a truly rad deck, so here are six of our picks below!  .

Ed Templeton – New Deal Skateboards (1990)

ed templeton


Antwuan Dixon – Deathwish (2009)





Natas Kaupas – Santa Monica Airlines (1989)



Powell Peralta – Per Welinder (1984)



Vision – Mark Gonzales (1989)



Barrier Kult – Skater Unknown (2012)



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