6 Of Our Favourite SBTV F64s

Grime, London, Music, Rap

Scratchy, Football and the Alphabet! (Roll Deep)

Scratchy comes through with on point football wordplay and a snappy run through the alphabet in this F64.


Terminator Toughness

There may be some who question the lyrical depth of Terminator’s F64, but there is no denying that it is straight MEAN.


Danny Graft

Danny Graft might not be everyones cup of tea (SPLOSH GANG!) but his bars in this one are witty, clear, and clean. “Softer the scene, bigger my push gets, girls go down like Sergio Busquets”. RIP THE MANOR!



JME, arguably Grime Music’s most recognisable face, spits with coolness and confidence in this nonchalant but technical F64. Classic Grime flow!


Trim goes in with the acronyms

No messing around from the enigmatic trim here. His 32 acronyms across his 64 bars are slick and audacious- might have to watch this one twice.


G FrSH loves his cats

We think this one deserves a spot on our list for the first bar alone! G FrSH goes in with a clean flow and smart lyrics.

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