6 Brutal Alison and Peter Smithson Buildings

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Alison and Peter Smithson

The Smithsons, who met while studying architecture at university, are undoubtedly among the most influential figures of 20th Century British architecture, being credited with coining the term ‘brutalism’.

The Smithsons are to be featured in the forthcoming exhibition, ‘100 Buildings 100 Years’, showing at the Royal Academy, London,11 Oct to 1 Feb 2015.

Shouts to J Pres on the heads up with this one.

Smithdon High School, Norfolk

Smithden high school


University of Bath School of Engineering, Bath

University of Bath School of engineering


Robin Hood Gardens, Poplar, London


Robin Hood Gardens Project


The Garden Building of St Hilda’s College, Oxford

The Garden Building St Hilda's College Oxford


The Economist Building, St James St, London

The economist building london


The Solar Pavilion, Wiltshire

Solar Pavilion Smithson 1962

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