6 Of The Most Intense Interviews Ever Conducted

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Richard Kuklinski 
‘The Iceman’ is arguably the most notorious contract killer in recent memory. Watch this chilling edit of a 45 minute special interview conducted with a psychiatrist. Check out the whole segment here if you want to delve deeper into the mind of this cold, calculating killer. 


Marlon Brando
Brando won an Oscar for his role in the Godfather in 1973, but wasn’t at the Oscars to pick up the award. Instead, he sent Sacheen Littlefeather – An American Indian Civil Rights activist – to respectfully decline the award, and instead draw attention to the maltreatment of Native Americans and Indian Americans by Hollywood and society at large. Following this move, Brando appeared on the Dick Cavett Show for a lengthy interview that explains both his reasons for and reaction to the events at the Oscars. Check out the Oscar speech and part of the interview below. (the other 5 parts can be found on youtube if it takes your fancy.)


Malcom X 
In this snippet from an ‘Inquisition on Chicago’s City Desk’ Malcom X is eloquent, lucid and fiercely passionate, yet still remains cool calm and collected. A controversial figure for some no doubt, but it is undeniable that the topics Malcom discusses here, ranging from the lineage of slave names (and the abandonment of his ‘given’ surname), to the desegregation of the University of Mississippi (specifically James Meredith’s enrollment) make for an enthralling and tense discussion. Check out the whole
interview here.


Perhaps the most famous and well known interview in our list is the remarkable clash between David Frost and Richard Nixon – A clash which resulted in Nixon claiming, rather remarkably, that if the president does something illegal, it technically cannot be considered illegal simply due to the fact that it is the president acting. Aside from this bombshell however, Frost also manages to extract a public apology from one of the proudest, staunchest and most stubborn politicians of the last 40 or so years. Watch an edited 88 minute version here


Henry Rollins & Kid
We’ve touched on Henry Rollins and his serious,blunt demeanour before but this amateur interview conducted by a young fan captures it perfectly. Granted this was some years ago, and Henry has (probably) mellowed out since then, but this car crash of an interview that is flipped round on to the kid is almost too painful to watch. Rollins Intense is an understatement here.


Serge Gainsbourg & Whitney Houston
We’re not the biggest fans of awkwardness, bringing attention to awkwardness, or saying ‘awkward turtle’ and then doing a weird thing with your hands. But this shit is awkward… in a really funny way – especially when the host tries to scramble to cover for Serge’s audacious remarks.


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