6 Classic Rap Skits that Don’t Have You Reaching for the Skip Button

comedy, Hip-Hop, Monologues, Music, Rap, Samples

Ghostface Killah – Bad Mouth Kid

Ghostface arguing with a small child – hilarious.


Wu Tang Clan – Killer Tape

It’d be hard to dispute Wu Tang as the kings of the rap skit, and they usually manage to create pretty imaginative scenes.


Kanye West – Last Call

In a far more personal skit, Kanye breaks down his transition from bedroom producer to the release of his album on Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella. Strangely, at this stage in his career he seems pretty humble…


Biggie – Warning

The skit at the end of Warning perfectly punctuates the story Big weaves in the lyrics of the track.


Outkast – I’m Cool

Bitch! stay off that blow!


MF DOOM – Are You Awake?

Doom gets a mention here because of the incredible amount on effort he puts in to his skits, which become important features of all his records. They are sometimes composed over the course of years, as he accumulates random soundbites relevant to the story of his alter-ego.



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