6 More Hip-Hop Songs And Their Samples

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You may have garnered that we’re big hip-hop fans here at SIX. Aside from the genius wordplay, witty lyricism, individuality and consciousness associated with the genre, one of our favourite aspects is the reflective nature embedded within it. Nothing epitomises this nature better than sampling of the soul, funk and R&B tracks- tracks that nurtured budding MC’s and producers and their musical appetites. Check out 6 of our picks below.

MF Doom – Rhymes Like Dimes

James Ingram with Quincy Jones – One Hundred Ways


Curren$y & Smoke Dza – 10 Bricks

ORF-Big Band – Let’s Forget The World


De La Soul – Eye Know

The Mad Lads – Make This Young Lady Mine

Action Bronson ft. Riff Raff – Bird On A Wire

Dexter Wansel – Rings Of Saturn


Mos Def – Mathematics

The Fatback Band – Baby I’m a Want You


Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Beach House – Silver Soul – 




2 thoughts on “6 More Hip-Hop Songs And Their Samples

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    1. We think that the struggle and pain that is inherent in ‘hard work’ helps us to expand and grow as human beings, so thanks for the offer, but we feel the time we invest in our work is something important in our own personal growth. We’re also not entirely sure that you’re a real person.

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